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We're on a bitty little Island "Koh Tao"

We have found Paradise. If I was tired of travelling before I am not now. It feels like we're back on vacation, and not some morbid death wish. Me and Joce keep saying things to each other like, "we could stay here for a month....". There are still soo many amazing places and things we want to see before our trip ends, But it is hard to amagine it getting better than this. It is a hilly tropical island about 7 Kms across, you can walk just about anywhere you need to be. We were going to rent 2 bicicles for $3.50 a day, but then found out that a motor scooter is only $5.00. So now I am motorized again....waahaaahaa.
Don't I look cool! how do you like my basket?, the bag is very stylish as well...hahaha....ha....hmmmmmm
We made our way over to a beach on the east side of the island today and found some great snorkeling, sun tanning, cliff diving..... Lots of fun. I even found a japanese glass ball on the beach, the cylinder type!
On the way back to our hotel the road was really steep, I had to push with my legs to get the underpowered thing up the hill while Jocelyn clung to my back and giggled. We have been lamenting about our pale pastie skin for awhile as it has been some time since we were at a beach, but a few more days here an we'll be back to our golden brown. We keep bumping into Canadians here who inform us of the deplorable weather conditions back home, we feel for you ... we really do. It would be sooo much fun to have our friends and family here with us, but that is unlikely, so we will try to get some really good pictures instead.

It's hard to belive that there are only about 2 months left for us. We have started to try planning our weeks better so we make it to the places we have outlined. Once we leave this island things may get quite busy with travelling. I has been nice to unpack our bags here for a few days and get some good sleep. Tomorow we will be exploring and taking pictures so there should be some good shots along soon, Laters... Nate and Joce

Posted by Seaurchins 05:10

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Aw, guys, I'm so glad you feel relaxed again and are enjoying yourselves. The weather really is pretty shabby, especially today! (I'm sure you feel the deepest pity for us, ha ha ... ;o) ...) By the time you come back it will probably be nice weather again, and Julia will be 6 months old!!! And Lily is almost 2 ... looking forward to the next pictures!

by FionaFae

i was going to be like, "ahh, i had to create an account to make this comment" but it was super easy so i'll refrain.

i'm glad you guys are enjoying thailand. cause, yeah. "amazing" country! loveit. i'd recommend making it up to chiang mai... but you guys are probably more beach-oriented people and it's not that kind of place, but it's beautiful anyway. i liked it 5 times more than bangkok and pattaya (the two other places my group stayed at).


by vic.nel

vic.nel... uhm, hmm. as in Vicky Nelson... yeah. (stating to avoid confusion... ?)

by vic.nel

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