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September 2007

Now in Guatamala

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October 7th

Nathaniel and I want to let our families know that we are safe and having a great time. Today it absolutly poured and within 20 minutes we were bone dry. The mosquitoes are crazy here but the locals tell us that malaria isn´t a risk here. When we go north to Peten to visit the ruins of tikal we will havw to be much more careful about not getting bitten alive. We will be leaving Montaricco tommorow morning to see Antigua and central Gautemala. We will be in touch with you again once we get there. Our spanish lessons are coming along really well and we are able to have conversations with our host family. We are really gald that we took spanish because it allows us to speak with the guatamalans and other travellers from around the world that don´t speak English. Last night I got to release a baby turtle into the ocean. It was a really cool experience. Anyways we love you all very much.

Love Joce and Nate.

October 3rd

HHHEEELLLLOOOO...I mean Hola. Comesta.. Anyway...Here we are in Monterrico, Guatamala. We arrived safly and really quite painlessly. It is sooooo warm and humid, I´m presently sweating like a pig dripping all over the key board, while Jocelyn looks quite comfortable. Our Host family is really cool and stuffing us full of different but very good food. We went for a swim yesterday and got tossed like little floaties. The waves are large and in charge. Hhaaahaa...on our way we caught a ride in a mini-van made for 8...but funny thing...we counted 25...not including a couple hanging off the outside. There are pigs and chickens and lizards running everywhere... Jocelyn loves the pigs...We´ll post pictures soon. Laters.
Joce and Nate

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Pre trip planning

staging area

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So,.. after about 4 years of talking and planning we are finally about to embark on an adventure of a lifetime. If the first couple of entries are not sooo cool or interesting it is because I am an internet retard and it is taking me forever to work this site and be proficient.

So Ya .. We start on the 1rst of October. We will be in Guatemala for the fist leg of our trip. We have enrolled in a week long Spanish school. A week isn't much but it should give us a heads up at least for the rest of South America. So as we go and are able to get to an internet cafe or such we will update this site and load some pics for those of you that are interested.
Well I'll be ....... i think i got it. well anywho enjoy

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sale of our house


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We are so excited to have sold our house. For one, it's alot cheaper to live without a mortgage and all the associated bills and such ( we are living with Jocelyn's parents for September) but it is also just plain easier. So ya..

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