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September 2008


Winter is approaching in Canada and my heart is in Africa

Since I have been home I have found myself travelling back to particular places in my mind and heart. I miss Guatemala, Africa and India the most. Once and awhile I go crusing on the internet for fresh images of the countries that now feel familiar, yet still exotic to me. I particularily love photos of India. Just the other day I was watching the movie "Junglebook" and I recognized a city I visited while in Rajasthan. My heart leapt for joy in the realization that such magical palaces really do exsist outside my girlish imagination.


I remember walking across this bridge barefoot with the cows, as it was considered disrespectful to wear shoes.


Nathaniel and I often speak of Guatemala, particularily Antigua. I loved the cobbled streets, the cafe's, the climate, the incredible architeture and the indigenous people. Nathaniel loved the volcano, the market in Chici and the great night scene. At night, live music would float out into the streets and people would visit in the town square to the wee hours of the moring.



I often think about our time in the narrow, ancient streets of Stone Town and the white stretches of sand on Zanzibar. I remember the brilliant red starfish and blue man of war jellyfish that would wash up on the shorline.


I also remember the masai tribesmen that would walk on the beaches and sell beaded jewlery. In many ways they reminded me of peacocks. While the women are shaved bald, and wear a simple cloth tunic, the men wear their hair elaboratly braided, and are festooned with beaded bracelets, decorative scaring, and brilliant red garments. They were incredibly handsome and they walked with tremendous pride. I still find it amazing that they are able to kill lions with only a hard wooden stick.



In the jungle columbus monkies literally threw themselves out of trees and crashed into branches only feet from us.


On the Serengetti I saw the most incredible birds, more varities than I can count. I find that I pay a lot more attention to birds in my own country now. In this photo we see a superb starling.


I remember how incredible it was the first time we saw a wild lion leading his pride out into the morning sunshine. Ten playful cubs and three lioness in the procession.


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