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October 2007

Copan (Ruins and Town)

Of all the places we´ve been, we think we could live here.......

So after a week on a deserted tropical island (complete with tropical storms) we are in the mountains of Honduras. We love it....the town is small....the people are friendly and it feels totally safe. The climate is cool, which means no mosquitos and that you can get a proper nights sleep. Jocelyn has a million mozzy bites and ....well she probably won´t heal before the next onslaught. We visited this amazing Parrot Refuge just outside of town where they have every amaginable toucan and macaw. They also had Hawks and owls which had me tickled pink. The Copan ruins weren´t Tikal...but nonetheless they were amazing. The Detail in the carvings were soo intricate... even after 1500 years. Oh ya... and if this doesn´t weird you out when your traveling...some Latinos from Columbia and El Salvador asked if they could have a picture taken with us ...as if we were some rare commodity. So next we are headed to Nicaragau, But we haven´t qite figured out how we are going to get there. So we have exceded our limit for this site for the month so it might be a couple of days till the 1rst of November when we can upload more. Whaterver...you´ll just have to wait till we get back to see the bulk of them anyway.

PS. Speaking of pictures...One small rant should tide me over. Some of you who are keen on Facebook might have seen my last Facebook photo album ¨spanish sucks¨. (it has since been deleted so you won´t find it) But the short of it is that I was trying to download all our pictures thus far. And I successfully transfered them from my camera to the computer at the internet Cafe that I was using. I had clicked an icon to delete all the pics off my camera when it was done transfering (well that was the jist of what I read... all the computers here are in spanish.). All good and fine. Except that the computer wouldn´t recognize my portable Harddrive. Now for most of you computer savy folks this would be no obstacle. You would click here and there and pull up some tucked away menu from who knows where and presto... but those of you that know me well know that this sort of *hacking* isn´t within my realm. And on top of that the computer is all in spanish. right¿....oh..oh.. and then the kid running the place knows nothing about computers (Jayden knows more), doesn´t speak a word of English (not that he should...I´m in Honduras) and tells me that I have to leave and he is shuting down the computers cause the Voltage in town is gona drop...And I´m thinking...¨Thats it ... my marraige is over .. my wife is gona KILL ME.¨(She didn´t kill me, she was really great and was confident that I would sort it out.) So ya ... He kicks me out and i´m on the curb broken over the potential loss of oer 700 photos from the last month. Welll an hour later the shop opened, this time with a very tech savy person and had me set straight with all my photos on disks and hard drive....I tipped him very well.
PPS. the facebook thing was my attempt at saving what pictures I could before getting kicked out of the cafe.
Lots of fun, Nate

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Tikal, Rio Dulce and Bay Islands


Hello Everyone,

It feels as though it has been forever since I have written so i have a lot of catching up to do. At the momemt Nathaniel an I are in Utila, the Bay Islands off the coast of Honduras. Beautiful. We had only planned to come for two days or so and ended up staying nearly a week- one advantage of having a flexible itinerary. We spent the majority of the week on an island called Diamond Cayes.. or something like that and ater two fantastic dives we decided to do our Adanced Open Water ticket.
A deep dive, wreck drive, night dive, photography dive, and naviagtion dive later we were certified. The night dive was seriously freaky. There was a massive storm that night and and i felt insane jumping off the dock as lightning was flashing around me. Nathaniel thought it wa great!- I think I clung to him the entire time. Today we had hoped to ctach a ferry back to the mainland but, beause of the huge storm all the ferries were cancelled. Tommorow we will go to Copan to see some ruins and then from there we hope to head to Nicaragua. We have a bunch more pictures to post but downloading the on to the site is painful and takes FOREVER. We will add some when we feel like wasting some of the day. Otherwise check them on Nathaniel's facebook.

- Jocelyn
Tikal was everything that I imagined that it would be. Nathaniel and I opted to do the sunrise tour which was worth waking up at three in the morning for. We climbed onto temple IV to watch the sunrise over the Tikal ruins as howler monkies screamed in the jungle. Those monkies sound terrifying, if you want to hear them for yourself look them up on u-tube and see if you can find a clip. In any case it was very very cool! Here is a daytime photo of one of the temples.

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Antigua is phenominal

rain 20 °C

Antigua was amazing and it was very difficult to leave but alas there are many more beuatiful things to see and not enough time. I really enjoyed taking pictures of all the crumbling buildings and beuatiful streets. Nathaniel had to restrain me from taking a picture of every door in Antigua. I have a thing for old doors. In one of the pictures I am holding a really old key to a really old door..... maybe only I think that is cool. Shopping in Chichistenanga was fun, maybe even a tad overwleming. There were so many incredible fabrics and necklaces. Nathaniel and I had a lot of fun bartering with the locals.... and walking away.... and listening to the price decrease with each step... and then coming back to purchase an item at a fair price. In any case I wound up with a bunch of great things that I will willing drag around the world with me. Now we are in San Pedro on Lake Atilan and it is pouring..... we finally understand what our guidebooks meant when it said that October is rainy season. It's a good thing we are from B.C. and have webbed feet. Last night we stayed in really sketchy hotel...... we locked up our packs and Nathaniel slept with a knife under his pillow.... perhaps we were a tad paranoid? Anyways, there were no problems and we left that town first light for another village on the lake. Lake Atilan is incredible and Nathaniel and I have been looking forward to swimming in it for days. - Jocelyn
So.. WOW. what a couple of days we've had. We took a tour up to the top of Volcano Pacaya....YEEEEHAAAA... it is an active volcano and there are lava flows, and you get to walk right up and poke them with a stick and watch it instantly burst into flames. I brought up a couple of hot dogs and sharpened a long stick and had a weiner roast over the hot magma. ...can anyone else trump that???? I put one pic here bu8t there are others on facebook as our alloted space for pics on this site is limmited. so do some jumping back and forth. ....wow -Nate
So after a week of spanish lessons in Monterrico our spanish is fairly good. My spanish is ashamedly better than my french. The one on one classes were awsome. We have headed inland to the colonial town of Antigua. Monterrico was soooo hot, and muggy..it was nice, and the beach was great but we are sooo excited to be inland in Antigua, we can finally sleep at night ( the temperature is much cooler here, quite pleasant really.) Jocelyn´s sister Rachel was here for a missions trip last spring and told us how wonderful it was... we definatly agree. We will have pics for you within a couple of days. - Nate

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