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Vang Vieng

My brothers would love this place!!!



Nate: After a couple of days chilling in La Prabang we thought we would get a little more rustic, so we hoped on a bus to Vang Vien, grabbed a couple of inner tubes and headed to the river for some tubing. This piece of river is supposed to be a mainstay of the South East Asian travel scene....a veritible rite of passage as the guidbooks say. It proved to be everything I was hoping and more.


It is a slow paced river, and every 50 feet or so there is a bar serving up cold beers, fruit shakes and cocktails. This would never go down in Canada: Tubes+Water+alot of Alcohol=trouble. But even with all the bad choices little seems to go wrong. What could go wrong with drunks flinging themselves off 20 foot tarzan swings? Well I did manage to catch a few bloopers of people too intoxicated to hold onto the rope and endo-ing right off the bat, they are pretty funny.


I really wished my brother Matt had been there. He would have been wooing the crowds like no one else can. I had my backflip down pat, even drummed up the courage to attempt a double back flip. Lets just say it was entertaining... for the crowd anyway, my back still hasn't forgiven me. There were 5 Tarzan swings ranging from 15 to 30 feet high, and 3 different zip lines. Tons of fun! We enjoyed it so much but the next day we just sat around and complained about how much our bodies hurt from all our fun. After a day of recuperation we headed back out to fly through the air once again and punish our bodies. Joce got into a game of beach volleyball and I just kept on swinging.



Jocelyn: During our recovery day, Nathaniel spent the afternoon reading a book in a hammock beside the river while I rented a bicyle and peddled over some very wobbly bamboo bridges to explore the more rural parts of Vang Vien.

In Vientine I indulged in in some last minute shopping before we left Laos, as it is famous for its silk and intricate weavings. I had considered taking a weaving and dying course here but I ran out of time.


I did, however, take the time to convince Nathaniel to have a sauna and massage with me on our last day iN Laos. Nathaniel generally avoids massages like the plague but this time he agreed to come along. Turns out he actually enjoyed it. Imagine that! He was quite fasinated with the boiler of all things...


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