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It feels as though it has been forever since we have written. Perhaps because we have been lazy, or having too much to remember to write. After hearing from a few of you that we haven´t been dong enough blogs we have decided to make a more concentrated effort. In Costa Rica we visited the active Volcano Arenal. It was cool to hear huge rocks, the size of houses, crashing down the mountainside along with fast flowing lava. On the trail back to the village Nathaniel and the guide found a HUGE viper just off the path. Me and another girl kept our distance as Nathaniel charged into the bushes after it. Honestly though, what can I expect..... Nathaniel has already handled so many huge insects and spiders in the short time that we have been here. We have countless photgraphs of butterflies, moths, spiders, iguanas, lizards...... While in Costa Rica we also tried out some cool zip lines in the Monterverde rainforest. . We rented bikes at one point and biked around the countryside. They were the sweetest mountain bikes, with suspension and gears and breaks and everyting. In the past we have ridden some very sketchy bikes and I have avoided hills for fear that I may not be able to stop. In Granada, Nicaragua we had rented bikes to explore the colonial churches and ruins and Nathaniel had manged to bend his tire within 5 minutes of goofing around.


We flew out of Coast Rica yesterday and we are now happily settled in our own cabin with in the Vilcabamba valley. We landed in Quito only to discover that the farm we wanted to work at was on the other side of the country. (A little glitch in the planning side of things). In anycase we decided to purchase a domestic flight and save ourselves 15 hours on a bus. Now that we are finally here Nathaniel is hoping to do some bee keeping and I am looking forward to doing some painting and gardening. I am also looking forward to going running in the mornings while it is still cool. Last time I went for a run I saw wild green parrots. How cool is that! We have our own kitchen and we are excited about cooking for ourselves. I never thought I could possibly get tired of eating out. Well I am going to sign out now. I don´t know when we will get to write again because we don´t have internet out there in the boonies but I´m sure we will havew to come to town for grocceries at some point. We also apoligize for the lack of pictures. We are exploring other options as this site is not very good for downloading.


A hercules beettle on Nathaniel´s hand..... seriously huge!

Love Joce

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