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Antigua is phenominal

rain 20 °C

Antigua was amazing and it was very difficult to leave but alas there are many more beuatiful things to see and not enough time. I really enjoyed taking pictures of all the crumbling buildings and beuatiful streets. Nathaniel had to restrain me from taking a picture of every door in Antigua. I have a thing for old doors. In one of the pictures I am holding a really old key to a really old door..... maybe only I think that is cool. Shopping in Chichistenanga was fun, maybe even a tad overwleming. There were so many incredible fabrics and necklaces. Nathaniel and I had a lot of fun bartering with the locals.... and walking away.... and listening to the price decrease with each step... and then coming back to purchase an item at a fair price. In any case I wound up with a bunch of great things that I will willing drag around the world with me. Now we are in San Pedro on Lake Atilan and it is pouring..... we finally understand what our guidebooks meant when it said that October is rainy season. It's a good thing we are from B.C. and have webbed feet. Last night we stayed in really sketchy hotel...... we locked up our packs and Nathaniel slept with a knife under his pillow.... perhaps we were a tad paranoid? Anyways, there were no problems and we left that town first light for another village on the lake. Lake Atilan is incredible and Nathaniel and I have been looking forward to swimming in it for days. - Jocelyn
So.. WOW. what a couple of days we've had. We took a tour up to the top of Volcano Pacaya....YEEEEHAAAA... it is an active volcano and there are lava flows, and you get to walk right up and poke them with a stick and watch it instantly burst into flames. I brought up a couple of hot dogs and sharpened a long stick and had a weiner roast over the hot magma. ...can anyone else trump that???? I put one pic here bu8t there are others on facebook as our alloted space for pics on this site is limmited. so do some jumping back and forth. ....wow -Nate
So after a week of spanish lessons in Monterrico our spanish is fairly good. My spanish is ashamedly better than my french. The one on one classes were awsome. We have headed inland to the colonial town of Antigua. Monterrico was soooo hot, and muggy..it was nice, and the beach was great but we are sooo excited to be inland in Antigua, we can finally sleep at night ( the temperature is much cooler here, quite pleasant really.) Jocelyn´s sister Rachel was here for a missions trip last spring and told us how wonderful it was... we definatly agree. We will have pics for you within a couple of days. - Nate

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