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Tikal, Rio Dulce and Bay Islands


Hello Everyone,

It feels as though it has been forever since I have written so i have a lot of catching up to do. At the momemt Nathaniel an I are in Utila, the Bay Islands off the coast of Honduras. Beautiful. We had only planned to come for two days or so and ended up staying nearly a week- one advantage of having a flexible itinerary. We spent the majority of the week on an island called Diamond Cayes.. or something like that and ater two fantastic dives we decided to do our Adanced Open Water ticket.
A deep dive, wreck drive, night dive, photography dive, and naviagtion dive later we were certified. The night dive was seriously freaky. There was a massive storm that night and and i felt insane jumping off the dock as lightning was flashing around me. Nathaniel thought it wa great!- I think I clung to him the entire time. Today we had hoped to ctach a ferry back to the mainland but, beause of the huge storm all the ferries were cancelled. Tommorow we will go to Copan to see some ruins and then from there we hope to head to Nicaragua. We have a bunch more pictures to post but downloading the on to the site is painful and takes FOREVER. We will add some when we feel like wasting some of the day. Otherwise check them on Nathaniel's facebook.

- Jocelyn
Tikal was everything that I imagined that it would be. Nathaniel and I opted to do the sunrise tour which was worth waking up at three in the morning for. We climbed onto temple IV to watch the sunrise over the Tikal ruins as howler monkies screamed in the jungle. Those monkies sound terrifying, if you want to hear them for yourself look them up on u-tube and see if you can find a clip. In any case it was very very cool! Here is a daytime photo of one of the temples.

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